Seagull Bakery: a Self-Employment Journey

photo: Verousce McKibbin (Business Support Team Member & Chef) & Carol Lombardo (mom) Today we are highlighting an incredible mother/daughter team whom have joined the ranks of #JobCreators from right here in Florida: Seagull Bakery! We had the pleasure of interviewing Carol Lombardo, Lara’s mom. Although Lara was initially considering traditional employment, she ultimately decided to pursue her passion and became a pastry chef. This story is a clear demonstration of how self-employment opens job opportunities wide open and, how you absolutely must have a business support team in place in order to make it sustainable. Please take note of the following points from this interview: 1) Seagull B

Retain Your Benefits While Earning Income!

Ninety percent of the individuals and families we work with receive SSI and Medicaid benefits and those are the individuals and families this article is written for. Because SSI benefits are “means tested” many families hesitate about their adult child earning “too much money” which consequently may have a negative impact on their benefits if they don’t do the proper planning. While a reduction in benefits is a valid concern, we should never prevent someone with a disability from reaching their highest potential. As long as the income and resource limitation rules relating to Medicaid qualification are carefully considered and safeguarded, there are ways to accomplish the individual’s employ

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