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Do you need an employment solution for someone with a developmental disability? If you are considering self-employment, you're in the right place.


We can help! 


PicEin Works provides consulting services to families and professionals to create meaningful self-employment for individuals with developmental disabilities (who we call "JobCreators") by starting a small sustainable business focused on the strengths and interests of the JobCreator. 




Any successful business begins with good planning. We will help JobCreators develop a support team and a business plan that’s appropriate for their individualized needs. Whether they have “found their calling” or they can’t decide what they want to do, we can work with JobCreators and their support team to give them clear direction towards their future.



Launching a business can be quite overwhelming. There’s a lot of moving parts and it’s not easy keeping track of it all. We can help things run systematically while the JobCreator and the business team focus on what’s important- that the process is moving at the right pace for the JobCreator. 



Having a sustainable business is important and changes in business are inevitable. With over 10 years in the industry, professional and diverse team members, as well as an incredible network of resources, we can guide JobCreators through just about any obstacle their business may face.

Why work with us?

So many reasons why; where do we start? We have a personal interest in developmental disabilities. We have two teenage boys with autism. We personally live through the same challenges most of you do and that’s why the guidance we provide is realistic, yet practical. We apply our Picasso Einstein #JobCreators model in our lives personally and have relished in the wonderful experience of watching our son, Bike Dr. Derek, flourish. Our diverse team not only includes parents who walk the walk. We are advocates, professional planners, educators and advisors for the disability community. We are vendors for Vocational Rehabilitation for individuals interested in pursuing self-employment. We are passionate #JobCreators!

                                         Boaz & Minerva

"Thank you so much for working with our family. It made a big difference in our creativity and seeing a way forward. Your encouragement to look outside of the disability sector and to design a mechanism for sustainability are an enduring footprint in our lives."

Lisa McEvoy, Parent

New Zealand


Parent who joined the #JobCreators Movement

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We can help you accomplish the following:

Establish a Diverse Business Support Team for the Business

Qualify your business ideas to ensure they are a good FIT 

Ideate simple concepts that lead to meaningful  self-employment

Ensure the business is based on intrinsic motivation of the JobCreator

Put together a sustainability plan ready for any weather

Build Community Integration into the fabric of the business